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Professional and Scientific Impact

Impact of publications

1. Curriculum Vitae (15.03.2018): PDF
2. Index  Hirsch (h-index):

3. List of works (2000- ...): HTML

With Prof. Lotfi A. Zadeh, father of fuzzy logic

Seminar COPE, Bruxelles, 2015

A. Conferences/Invited lectures or sessions

1. International Conference on Oriental Thinking and Fuzzy Logic

ICOTFL2015, Dalian, China, 2015

2. ITQM2015, Rio, Brazil, 2015

Group picture at  IBMEC,  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Chairman for Prof. Fuad Aleskerov

3. ITQM2014, Moscow, Rusia, 2014

Group picture at  ITQM2014, Moscow, Russia

With Prof. Fuad Aleskerov, Higher Scool of Economics, Moscow, Russia

With Prof. Yong Shi, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

With Prof. Cheng Siwei (1935-2015), China

With Prof. Panos Pardalos, University of Florida, USA

With Prof. Daniel Berg, University of Miami, USA

With Prof. Peter Wolcott, University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA

4. Invited lecture at Kalasalingam University, India, 2014

"Soft Computing and Hard Computing" - invited lecture  at PhD School, KLU, India

In Indian media

5. ISITMS2013, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 2013

Group picture

6. ITQM2013, Suzhou, China, 2013

Group picture at ITQM2013

At  ITQM2013

With Chinese PhD students and  Acad. Florin Gheorghe Filip

At  ITQM2013

At ITQM2013 with  Prof. Luiz Autran, IBMEC, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7. Lectura invitata la SWUFE, Chengdu, 2013

In Campus at SWUFE

Research Center for Giant Panda

DatAMSS20157th International Workshop, Data Analysis Methods for Software Systems, Druskininkai, Lithuania, Hotel „Europa Royale“, December 3 – 5, 2015 (keynote speaker).

B.  Founder & General Chair of ICCCC

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